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Strategic advantage

Guaranteed by producing world class products for world class brands The products we are producing are top of the line in terms of quality, functionalities, and aesthetics. Examples of what comes from our shop floor to retailers near you are as follows;

  • FIFA football league – jersey for Spain, France, Holland, and Ukraine
  • Football club – …….
  • NBA league – uniforms for every single team

Even with our competitive cost, uncompromised quality is always at the core of our business

  • We believe 'the best deal' comes from the 'highest quality' at the 'lowest price' not just one or the other.

Find more about our approach to excellent quality and our quality accreditation

Even though our clients expose to different cost levels from countries around the world, still, we're able to secure them as our client base. We provide cost competitive advantages from two major dimensions. (2-D)

  • Geographical benefits

    Our geographical set up allows us to provide many different cost benefits as follows

    Competitive minimum wage

    The countries where we operate in are among those with lowest minimum wage in the world, especially our most recent project in Cambodia.

    Beneficial trade agreement

    We can offer our clients the benefit of no clearance tax when they import the merchandise we ship to them. Due to trade agreements like the one between Cambodia and European countries and the United States.

    Proximity to large and cost competitive fabric supplier

    With a large and competent fabric supplier within the country, we have logistics advantages - we can get almost every fabric needed at cost and time efficient manner.

    Opportunity seeker

    We always keep our eyes open for emerging cost competitive areas to ensure that we can constantly offer our clients impressive price.

  • Heightened efficiency

    Years of continually refined manufacturing concept result in ever growing efficiency reflected from our performance

    Lean / Kaizen organization
    • Laboratory approach when it comes to increasing production efficiency
    • Pioneer in new lean initiatives (stand sew / attachments / automation)
    • We involve virtually everybody in the shop floor to participate in the knowledge and practice sharing program
    • We constantly challenge everybody to come up with better ways – we hold Kaizen Champion competition every single month

    Efficiency related prizes or achievements
    • Recognition of our high rated performance can be seen from our clients and peers in the same industry
    • We have been receiving rewards directly from our clients
    • We have high experience demonstrating our practices to other factories

Common problematic situation…
We all have been through the process of lengthy price negotiation process. The longer it takes, the more our opportunity cost stacks up. This can really slow down how we process styles from development phase to production phase and, in turn, to your retailers' shelves.

How transparency matters…
With Nice Group Holding Corp., we carry out the process with transparent cost structure to our clients up front. This makes the process much more objective, clearer, faster, and most importantly, cost effective for our clients. In the longer run, this helps create solid foundation for further price negotiation for the seasons to come

Enabling ERP system across the total value chain
We all have been through the process of lengthy price negotiation process. The longer it takes, the more our We are utilizing a selection of systems to enable total ERP across the chain – this includes the widely accepted SAP system, and our tried and true in-house programs

Accurate, Fast, Responsive

  • Reduce human errors
  • Process workload faster
  • More reliable planning
  • Allow WIP tracking - along the value chain from fabric to finished garment
  • More responsive to issues

We position ourselves as a trend setting manufacturer. Be it new technological innovation to increase production capabilities or to introduce various flares to garment aesthetics, we often see ourselves among the first to adopt and implement them for our clients' competitive edge in their respective markets.

More information on new production capabilities
More information on new design capabilities

We believe that what we do is not only garment manufacturing by order but essentially we are providing full apparel solution for our clients.

  • 90, 75, 60 days, 2 weeks, or even three days lead time (lead time management)
  • Build to order or build to stock model (planning and lead time management)
  • Customization (manufacturing flexibility)
  • Finding practical and cost effective solution to turn design concept into finished garment (product development)
  • Sourcing material to match your preferences with functionalities, aesthetics, and cost (raw material solution)
  • Shorten development cycle – with us, it takes much faster time from your sketch, BOM, and finished garment to your preferences – ready for mass production
  • Also, it allows us for an efficient counter development process
  • We have specific team to carry out the process of on site development